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Telesa Hines is a poet, actress, motivational speaker and life coach. The product of military parents, she spent most of her adolescent years in Germany, but has roots in Mississippi, Georgia and Oklahoma. She discovered a passion for writing and performing very early, and took some formal theater and acting training during her matriculation at Langston University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Liberal Education. 

In 2015, Telesa packed up her car, stepped out on faith, and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her purpose full time. Although it was very tough at first, she stayed steadfast on the path, and now travels the country speaking and performing. Her poetry is filled with passion, intensity and intent. So much so, that she caught the attention of superstar Tyrese Gibson and was invited to perform in his private home in Atlanta. Telesa has been seen on the Fox drama series"Star", is a member of the cast of Punany Poets, featured on HBO and is a performer for Team Poetry on the national, live poetry show, Poetry vs. Hip Hop. Most recently she was featured in the independent film, The Last Time, starring and produced by Tommy Ford just before his untimely transition. Telesa  is  the 2017 Soul Food & Jazz Brunch 10 Year Anniversary Slam Champion and the 2017 GANSPA Poet of the Year. 

Through all of her trials and successes, Telesa remains grateful for all of it. She trusts her personal process and loves herself unconditionally every step of the way. She has studied the power of self love and intention, and does the spirit work necessary to keep her vibrational energy high. Her goal is to uplift, inspire and empower others with the tools to successfully walk in their purpose. She honors her creator in and through everything that she does and is focused on leaving an imprint on each and every single environment she encounters.

When she is not educating through performing, Telesa is educating young minds in the classroom. By day, she is a first grade teacher in an inner city public school. 

Of all of her vast accomplishments, Telesa is the coolest mom ever to two amazing young kings. 

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